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Flytipper’s Paradise

I spotted this one on the news this week. Whilst there was general disgust at this industrial level of fly-tipping, I was quietly excited and dusting off my camera. It was a lovely combo of vibrant street paint and heaps of bizarre relics. The graf along the canal highlighted I was near on my walk to this place.There were a bunch of rather beaten up cars that I separated from by a maze of rivulets. I plan to go back with a better route of access or my wading boots to get a bit closer to them. Was a lovely Saturday afternoon stroll.

Flytipper’s Cars

A trip back to specifically look at the cars

Ashes In The Joyriders Quarry

A beautiful peaceful quarry littered with burnt out relics from joyriders antics. The whole place was one big fun track. All the time I was there, there was a drone of over revved engines, yet I never actually saw anyone – was very weird.

Meat, Fish & Dogs

Something different to dereliction and graffitti for a change. Had the pleasure of just wandering through the normal backstreets of Bangladesh. This was my morning routine for a few hours each day for a week and I always saw something new and interesting on every outing. Here I concentrate on the organic stuff. Did I feel voyeuristic takning these photos that may be less savoury for some? Yes, a little…but I was also constantly thinking about how food production is so sterile and hidden in the west. Here it is gritty and honest. The Bengalis are adorable and were very happy to let me take photos of their wares and skills. The chicken slaughterer/skinner was particularly talented at what he does. He deftly and swiftly put the chicken out of it’s misery and then skinned it with his bare hands. He managed this keeping his crisp tidy clothes completly blemish free throughout. Lord only knows what we would end up looking like if we tried it.

Arty Burnt Out Garden Centre

Dull structure but some nice art pieces

Picklers Shed

Was visiting the old man and went to see his plot. I noticed a very overgrown strip with a rather ramshackle shed falling to bits. I asked, and it seemed the old man had died at Xmas and so it had all started going to seed.
I thought I’d have a poke around and found a back entrance behind the bushes into the shed.
I wasn’t really expecting these pickled items. Anyhow, these photos made a nice juxtaposition to the photos of gooseberry bushes, and apple trees.

Beachy Head Memorial Flowers

An interesting stroll

Tribute To The Dead Birds

There are a number of ingredients that make a good site to explore-


Peeling paint



Fire Damage

Mold and fungi

and finally – dead birds

These little critters are found in most of these places and come in various varieties and states of decay.

I remember one place having a large room full of the complete lifecycle of pigeons-completely mummified ones on the floor, some flapping around in the last throws of life and chicks high up in the rafters in nests. It was an incredible place.

Here are a few I have gathered over the years

Miscellaneous Decay

Just random oddments I found here and there

New York Sights

Just a few things I saw around this fab city including a few buildings I was too chicken to enter

General Urban Beauty

Not derelict, but urban

Beautiful Brentford

Most local grimey spot to me with a real city feel

Canalside Beauties

General destruction and city life along a nice part of the river