Boys School Of Abuse

Former boarding school shut down for major abuse scandal.

Built as a manor house, but in 1961 became a junior boarding School, serving the people at Greenham Common Army Grounds. This old boarding school has a dark history of child abuse from young boys and in 1988 3 of the teaching staff were sentenced to 26 years in prison for the long term sexual abuse of pupils.

Court Of The Convicts

This tasty place once processed the convicts of East London. Fantastic jailbird graffiti on the inside of the cell doors. The level of decay in this place was incredible compared to what you might have imagined from the outside.

Manor Of Mould - Orphange-SexOffenders Home

Lots of lovely mould here-some of it pretty toxic smelling, especially in the cellar. This place once housed an orphanage and had plans for a sex offenders rehab place in the recent past. I felt like I was being watched the whole time I was there and then at the end found a television broadcasting images from the dilapidated cameras dotted around the perimeter (see last photo).

Girls School

Lovely graffiti riddled girls school.

Lots to see here

Unloved Trains

Rotting, smelly carriages, sitting wasted and pretty in a urban dump.

Disused Rubbish and Recycling Plant

Lord knows why I decided to spend a Sunday afternoon in here.

Although empty for a decade or so, it stank as fresh as a back end of a rubbish truck on a humid summer’s day.

Some interesting graf here that kept me distracted though. A huge space.

London Rooftop

A London Government Landmark

Just a sneeky climb out onto the roof of a familiar London landmark. The lighting in the area was dramatic and saturated making it quite tricky to capture

Abandoned Water Works and Labs

Soaking wet day spoilt my pics of this water plant. Interesting to see the lab still there

German Train turntable and sheds

Off on a family wedding trip to Germany. No prior research, no camera gear…..and then I stumble upon this little beauty opposite the hotel. Grudgingly holding only my useless camera phone, I trek through the brambles to take a quick peak less than an hour before I was due to set off for the airport. Had an unexpected encounter with some ‘photographers’ and a ‘model’ doing some ‘glamour’ shots in here. In broken their broken English and my broken German, they let me know that wandering on the tracks here wouldn’t go down with the local german popo. Next time I will take my proper camera with me!

Orphanage For Babies

Cute place where unwanted and parentless babies were looked after.

Even some old toys left over

Underground Reservoir

Difficult to capture the scale of this place and a one shot wonder really.

Decided to light some pyrotechnics to get some light and smoke in here