Churches & Graveyards 

The Neglected Forgotten Church

This beauty evaded me for months. I struggled on numerous occasions to pry at its secrets inside and was foiled at all attempts. Finally, with a 3am start I was able to crack it and it was worth the wait. The bowing wooden floors made wave like structures under the congregation chairs, the space between the dome and the roof offering a totally strange perspective to the main chamber. Getting in and doing the initial exploring at night made the whole experience even more surreal. The green tiles everywhere were beautiful. Also stumbled across a needle-ridden squatters set-up – fortunately it seemed they were not at home.

Into The Crypt

I took a little stroll at lunch time, and as you do, decided to nose around a cemetery. Luck was on my side, and one of the doors to the crypt was not very well secured, and so before I knew it, I found myself inside enjoying the visual treats within. The grounds of this place are amazing, an incredible contrast of beauty and sadness

Satanic Church/Retreat

A burnt out religious retreat that has a lot of weird history rumours including a priest who turned to satanism, alleged sacrifice of a priest and subsequent exorcism.

Didnt get a whiff of any of this whilst I was there but some nice scneses to capture


This forgotten unloved graveyard is rapidly being taken over by the trees. Most of the angels have lost their heads. Everything is ramshackle. Looks loveley