Big roving campuses for the mad, bad and just those sad people who other people felt they couldn’t look after in normal society.

These places were huge, sometimes supporting 10’s of thousands of in-mates and were often totally self reliant, with their own utilities, health and food production.

Hospitals & Medical



Research Facilities

Medical Schools

Care Homes

I am especially fond of old clinical buildings as they have generally seen a lot of human life events.

Power Stations

Big structures with a control room, if you are lucky.

These are the biggest of the ‘industrial’ types of buildings I visit, and they often have a lot of style being the national pride of large scale infrastructure

Factories & Industry

Making things

Destroying things

Processing things

Mining for things

These rust buckets always have wonderful light and reflections and invariably there are non-industrial related surprises inside.





Always feels special being somewhere where you feel there were secrets not meant to be seen by civis like myself.

Manors & Houses

Small houses

Big houses

Lots of personal artefacts in these places that reflect on the lives of the last occupants. Given the derelict and uncleared state of these places, the history always feels a little sad.

Entertainment & Sport

Swimming Pools

Sports facilities


Bowling Alleys.

These always feel melancholoy, because you can almost smell the past happiness and fun times. You wonder where the spiral of failure began.

State & Infrastructure

Schools & Orphanages

Courts & Prisons

State Homes


Churches & Graveyards


If its got some lovely paint on it

Other Stuff

Burnt Out Cars

Random Buildings



Anything else