Rocklands Psychiatric Centre-Childrens Block

This is the kids block of this gargantuan site.
It got to the stage where I couldn’t face any more rooms rammed full of surreal toys (note the weird pumpkin stack toy – that was freaky) and sinister decay. It went on for ages and simply had room after room of treats. As the sun was starting to set we went down into the basement via stairway right next to the entry point. There was a huge room full of antique rotting chairs and an old fashion sign marking ‘main tunnel’ we shone our torch down the way and couldn’t see the end. It would take a week to even give a cursory superficial sweep of this place. It just confirmed to me that the USA is an exploring heaven.
I don’t think I will ever need to see an abandoned nursery/school/kids psychi unit ever again as this completely over did that whole thing-complete saturation. I don’t think you will either, after scrolling through my pictures!

Hellingly Asylum

This one was pretty destroyed by the time I got there.

I was obsessed with this room with the bathtub.

The undulating multicoloured floor tiles were spectacular and the one peely blue door into the room was beautiful.

This place housed 10,000 inmates at its best. A fully working.self sustaining village for the outcasts and unwanted.

Rocklands Psychiatric Centre-Adult Block

Yes, another NY Mental Institution. Very edgy explore. Amazing things to see.
Huge site in which a) I saw only a small segment b) got completely lost several times.
Found the utility area between 4 wings of wards that contained the pen construction area. Also lots of copies of the BFG (required inmate reading or another quality product?)
Not very happy with shots – no tripod – generally a bad idea in the USofA it seems.
Despite many hours there, we barely scratched the surface. I think we probably just looked at 20% of the ward space and didn’t touch all the servicy bits such as hall/power plant etc.
Note the anti-suicide stair cages.
It has the usual dodgy documented history-
click here to read more

The Asylum Of Casual Electroconvulsive Therapy

Closed down after being found to have a too flippant approach to ECT. It was dingy, dark, grey, and simply beautiful.

Letchworth Imbecile Colony

Another dark American treat. This place housed people with various physical and mental disabilites. The stuff lying around was ridiculous. I always love a bit of fire damage, and there was plenty here. It is also nice to find some photos of the flames in action. The place has the usual dark history of abuse and chaos. There is so much unfinished business for me here-it got dark and so I couldnt visit all f the buildings, and my photos were terrible this time. I’ll be back looking for the mortuary and unnamed graveyard.

Harpersbury Asylum

North London mental hospital.

One of the last remaining padded cells, this one a lurid green.

It was sweaty and moist, hidden in the darkness and so looked pretty striking in the torch light. Spent a few moment alone in there in the silence and dark imagining the things that had happened there in the past.

Pilgrim Psychiatric Hospital-Water Tower&Power Station – New York

Incredible buildings supporting this huge asylum that once housed approximately 10,000 inmates. Not my best photos because I was without tripod and was slightly on edge, given being spotted here =bullet in back or prison and people tend to carry knives in these places over here. You just can’t appreciate the scale of these monsters in these photos. Bit gutted the innards had been stripped from the water tower as I was excited for a pigeon infested climb up.

West Park Mental Hospital Pt I

The best UK Asylum that was open to visitors in the last decade. I spent 3 whole days here frantically trying to cover it all but still didn’t manage to see it all.

Really nice retro padded cell in this one.

As far as I know, there have been only 3 remaining derelict padded cells in existence in the UK since I started exploring this kind of site. Two I have visited and have since been torn down, One remains in-situ and I have not managed to get in yet.These little rooms are interesting to visit, and it makes you wonder what has happened in them. One of these cells was of the old fashioned horse-hair Pocock variety in West Park Asylum and the other was a more modern affair in the Harperbury Asylum.

West Park Mental Hospital Pt II

Part 2 of this incredible site

Here we visit the kitchen, the canteen, the dentist, the art therapy ward and various other delights.

Lots of burnt out areas here which I personally like. Love how the products of combustion - water and carbon create eerie streaks on the walls coming down from the ceilings.

The Asylum Of Corridors

Didn’t get to see all of this asylum, one of the largest in the country. Was rudely interrupted by Mr Security who had been stalking us ever since we got over the palisade fence grrrrr. Not much left in the way of objet d’Art but lots of incredible endless corridors and a good smattering of peeling paint to fulfill my needs.

Would have loved to climb up the tower for a birdseye view pf the place but alas I was caught with red hand before this.

Childrens Ward On The Asylum

The UKs answer to the Rockland

This was a solo explore, and the peeling kids toys and jolly murals were very creepy.

This was my last trip to this amazing village of decay and within the next few months the bulldozers had moved in and flattened the place.

WP Asylum Mortuary & Path Lab

Whats not to like?

1950s Brain blocks from the patients of the asylum

Body fridges

Mummified Rats

1950’s lab furniture.

This was one of those small but perfectly formed places that kept me happy on a few visits.

Just loved how this sat rotting, with its contents, on the edge of the swanky new housing estate.

Talgarth Asylum

The welsh can do it as well

This tumble down asylum was a maze of tunnels and corridors. It is one of the last remaining UK standing (just about) at the time of writing.

The main hall was very interesting with half decayed and the other half in good condition.

New York Farm Colony- Abuse of the paupers and home to the killer ‘Cropsey’

Abandoned for over 40 years, the Staten Island Farm Colony today is a creepy memento of its dark and troubled past. Situated in the center of Greenbelt’s lush forest, the Farm Colony’s decrepit structures are enveloped in trees and vines, and are only visible from November-May.

Throughout its history, the grounds of the Farm Colony were often associated with society’s ‘unwanted’. The colonial farm era in the 19th century witnessed a bout of construction developments catered to housing the poor, infirm, mentally ill and developmentally disabled. Initially, the Farm Colony housed a collective of farmhouses that rehabilitated New York City’s ageing poor, until they were replaced by the dormitory structures we see today. Not only where these facilities overcrowded, the employees and staff that worked on the Farm Colony were habitually intoxicated; which means not much work was getting done. Defamatory graffiti scrawled on walls, collapsed ceilings and strewn rubble.
A 1920s abduction and murder of a seven-year-old boy occurred on the Farm Colony’s grounds. The Farm Colony community claimed they saw an old man and young boy walking in the woods on the day the child went missing, and fingers pointed to legendary serial killer Cropsey as the one to blame. Another incident at the nearby Willowbrook State School fueled the area’s murderous tendencies. Andre Rand, a man who allegedly lived in the tunnels underneath the abandoned site, was responsible for a string of child murders during the 70’s and 80’s. In 1987 the body of Jennifer Shwweiger was found not far from where he set up camp.