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Welcome to my world of 'Kinza'. Here you can hear my latest musical adventures as well as photography to complement this. (Click here to go to main gallery) You can keep up to date with news below or simply go to 'releases' to look at the catalogue. Look and Listen and enjoy!

-- Releases

-- Releases --

Sei Shin-Byoin
New 6 Track EP
Oldkool Electronics
Released on the
lovely Helsinki’s
Kahvi Collective
Global Melody Bandits (with Coppe’)
New 5 Track EP
Vocals by the talented
Japanese singer COPPE’
Download on bandcamp
Available soon from
Itunes/amazon etc
A Little Blue In The Grey Matter
First official release as ‘Kinza’
Tracks to show my melancholy side
But also some of my usual upbeat
proceeds go to help people in Gaza
3 Videos available on youtube
Sparks Of Reminiscence
A first release as ‘Kinza’ for Free download
This is a mini compilation from my work from
another life. Download it for free and enjoy.
Check out the videos I’ll be uploading for
this over the next few weeks.
This is just a taste of things to come

Latest News

NEW EP 'Sei Shin-Byoin'.Dec 17. On The Finland Label - Kahvi Collective (Bandcamp)

-- Stuff

-- Stuff --

I love.....

electronic music, photography, decaying structures, balaclavas, graffiti, and all things Japanese

-- About Me

-- About Me --

About Kinza

I am another electronic music artist from London, UK. This is my little corner for showing my wares. I also like to supplement the music with images I have captured on my adventures into decay as well as art projects at home ((Click here to go to gallery)) I've been knocking about doing this for a couple of years but decided on starting afresh, just taking the bits I really loved to this, my new home. Its been a wonderful road of experiences. I have released 3 albums, working with the lovely Ominim Records. I have been played on lots of radio including BBC Radio 6, Roundhouse Radio, Flomotion Radio, Resonance FM, BRAP.FM. I've done a couple of radio interviews which have been cringe-worthy to listen to at best, but I did have the opportunity to play a guest mix on brap.fm. My tunes have been entertaining those poor souls up-right-in-a-row on BA in-flight music channels. I have pressed my buttons for the crowd in a former underground public toilet. I have nearly been beaten off stage with a piñata club by unsophisticated revelers at a secret gig. I had public humiliation in the lovely Sebright Arms. As for Kinza?, I have recently released an EP with the wonderful Japanese Electro-Singer 'Coppe'. This year I have also had an EP released on the Helsinki based net label 'Kahvi' "Kinza is hard to categorize, his music varies in tempo. It can be hectic one moment and uplifting the next, it stutters and starts and changes direction and samples can trip us up and disorientate us. But one thing's for sure, it's very quirky and unique." Please have a listen (and a look) and let me know what you think. Share with those geeky friends you might think will like. Currently working on some new stuff for 2018, there is a lot of stuff in the Kinza archive but just need to evolve it into something quality.


I have released a number of projects under a different name. I have moved on from this for a number of reasons including wanting to widen my artistic adventures with less restriction.


I'm only to eager to perform at gigs. I have performed button pressing and video shows in London, including 'Ginglik' in Shepherds Bush and the 'Sebright arms' in Bethnal Green. I'll consider anything and would love to put on a show. Get in touch with me here. I'm always interested in doing some collaboration/remix or production work, please let me know. I have been offered the chance of ghost-writing before but that is far too shady for me (although I guess everyone has their price, right?)


I can only say that I really like the little bits of Stravinsky, Kate Bush, 808 State, Prince, Yellowjackets, Klaus Wunderlich and Bowie, where things seem to fly off on an acoustic tangent. I love the sound of 2 pieces of music being played at the same time- the discord creates unusual textures of mood....give me 3 or 4 at the same time and it can sound heavenly.....


I have a desire to witness unseen decaying things. Having to traverse barbed wire and avoid dogs and cameras makes the reward even more sweet. I advise you that you shouldn't try this at home as it has quite a few risks. I'll post images here as I experience them but you can see the collection over here- http://www.kinzamusic.co.uk/kinzagallery

Come here...

and dance with me

-- Contact Me

-- Contact Me --

Contact Me

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All tracks and artwork by kinza c & p kinzamusic 2017 all rights of the manufacturer and owner of the recorded work are reserved. unauthorised public performance, broadcasting & copying of this material is strictly prohibited.


All tracks and artwork by kinza c & p kinzamusic 2017 all rights of the manufacturer and owner of the recorded work are reserved. unauthorised public performance, broadcasting & copying of this material is strictly prohibited.